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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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is. vallejo police are in charge of this investigation and they have called off the search tonight of the they will reassess if they come back out to the water tomorrow morning. i want to you take a good look at it man's photo. a teenager stabbed at a popular south bay holiday attraction and what police tell us that they are doing to keep this area safe. and more than a hundred gay couples tie the knot in washington state and we'll take you to their ceremonies. complete bay area news coverage starts like now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello again everyone i'm heather holmes display day long search off the waters near vallejo has failed to turn up any sign of a missing man of the a coast guard search team and local law enforcement agencies combed the area near
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mare island. jade hernandez. >> reporter: vallejo police are in charge of this investigation and they have called off the search tonight and will reassess tomorrow if they crime scene back out to the water. i want it you to take a good look at this man's photo. he is 6'1, about 210 pounds with hazel eyes and has surgery scars on his forearm and chest. vallejo police immediately called the solano county dive rescue team after mattingly's son said he was last seen on mare island. first thing this morning his family contacted police. >> it has yet to be determined if anyone has fallen in the water, but in an abundance of caution we're trying to utilize all the resolutions that we have available to us here in
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solano county. >> reporter: that includes the vallejo police and fire department, the solano county sheriff's office and u.s. coast guard. the u.s. coast guard suspended their search a few hours after it began at noon this morning. the sergeant who we spoke to has been told the water temperature is in the mid-50s. divers wrapped up a little earlier this evening and we were told that they will reassess coming back out to the water tomorrow morning. reporting live from vallejo, jade hernandez, chase utley channel 2 news. authorities have released the name of the man shot and killed near jack london square yesterday afternoon. they say michael taylor was found suffering from gunshot wounds just before 3:00 p.m. the oakland tribune reports tayl may have been walking with a group of people when someone approached taylor and opened fire. so far investigators say they don't know of a motive or have
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any suspect information. police and crime stoppers are offering up to $10,000 for information leading to an avest. in antioch a vigil is set to get underway to remember a man shot to death there last night. police say they received reports of gunfire around 10:40 outside of victim's home. officers arrived to the scene to find a 43-year-old man with gunshot rounds. his name has not been released. so far police have not made any arrests and anyone with information is asked to call antioch police. that vigil is set at 6:00 for the park at contra loma park, not far from where the man was gunned down. menlo police have arrested a man for attempted shooting inside a home if in the 1300 block of windermere avenue. they arrested geoffrey smith and say during an argument smith fired several shots at the residents, who he knows. no one was injured in the
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shooting. a 14-year-old was found bleeding about 200 yards from san josi's popular christmas in the park attraction. ktvu's matt keller talked with police about possible increased patrols in that area. matt. >> well, ken less than 24 hours ago this part of the winter wonderland carnival was a crime scene after a 14-year-old boy was stabbed. christmas in the park downtown ice in the winter wonderland carnival bring in about 450,000 people to downtown san josi during the holiday season of the most of them are families looking for some wholesome fun, but word of last night's stabbing concerns some parents. >> yeah, it's going to make me a little more cautious, and more aware, you know? constantly keeping an eye on the girls and making sure that things are okay. >> reporter: carnival workers told me that they found a 14-year-old boy bleeding on a grassy area feet away from the main stretch of
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rides. police say he was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. nearby christmas in the park has its own security at night with two guards, four uniformed officer possibly more patrols. >> in light of the circumstances last night we want to go ahead and focus on that area and obviously if we have extra additional units, patrol units we want to step up enforcement. >> reporter: witnesses told police that the stabbing appeared to be gang- related. three suspects were seen running from you ar at. no arrests have been made. police say they can't recall another violent incident like this in recent years at the downtown holiday celebrations. >> i mean, i have got two small children, so it would make me double think coming back around here. especially late at night. >> if you are there as a parent and active and aware, i think it's perfectly safe and we enjoy it. >> reporter: i talked with the christmas in the park organizer over the phone and he told me his security personnel believes this was isolated incident. reporting live in san josi,
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matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. the dallas cowboy's player arrest offered for intoxicated manslaughter in death of his teammate was released from jail today. josh brent walked out of jail with his attorney. he didn't say much other than to say he had lost his best friend. police say brent was driving drunk when his car hit a curb and flipped over. they say he pulled his teammate y-cowboys a linebacker jeremy brown, who later died at the hospital. today the cowboys head coach spoke fondly of brown. >> jerry always said how are you doing coach and before i could get it, and if you watched jerry brown practice you know he loved footballment he practiced so hard of he was here for one day. and we said that is going to be to be the scout team player of the week. >> country records show that josh brent pleaded guilty to drunk-driving in illinois back in 2009. if convicted of this latest charge he could face 20 years in prison.
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authorities have made an arrest on a triple homicide on an indian reservation. hector celeya shot three people and kidnapped his daughters and led deputies on a car chase. both girls were shot and wounded in the ordeal. authorities say one suffered life-threatening injuries and the other was not critically injured. authorities say a policy shot and killed a graduate student at san bernardino campus and got a disturbance at an off-campus student housing complex. >> they contacted him in the hallway of his dorm. during this contact, a physical altercation occurred. officers faring for their safety fired their weapons striking him in the chest area. he was pronounced deceased here at the scene.
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>> the student was identified today as 38-year-old bartholomew williams. the shooting is under investigation by san bernardino police. police in sacramento say a high school teacher taking photos on railroad tracks was fatally struck by a train yesterday. authorities say 52-year-old catherine carlisle was taking pictures of an approaching train when she was hit by behind from another train. she died at the scene. dozens of gay couples tied the knot today for the first time in washington state. today marks the first day same- sex couples can marry in washington. this after voters extended marriage rights in last month's election. coming up at 5:15 we'll take you to the ceremonies held today at seattle city hall.
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and in our local weather we're wrapping up a beautiful weekend, lots of sunshine, temperatures on the rise this afternoon. lots of mid to upper 60s out there. right now on the maps on live stormtracker 2, no storms to track and just a few high clouds paid us a visit. this is the loop over the last few hours. mostly clear skies over a good portion of the bay area. as far as current numbers for the 5:00 number they are dropping back down to the 50s and 60s. napa like now 57 degrees. downtown san francisco, 66. and san josi, right about 61 degrees. reporting fair skies. overnight lows will be chilly overnight once again, so you definitely want to bundle up for work and school your monday morning. overnight readings in the upper 30s to santa rosa and to the 40s or san francisco and pacifica. san josi, 44 degrees. we're starting out the day in
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the chilly 30s and 40s. in the afternoon, most areas back into the mid to upper 60s once again. so not much of a change in temperatures, but i'm tracking a cooling trend and when shower chances resurface in in our five-day forecast. thank you, mark. the lights are now back on for thousands of south bay residents after a car crash knock out powers to four neighborhoods. a car struck a utility polite on homestead road in sunnyvale. the accident caused tree branches to fall, as you see here, bringing down the wires. the collision caught pout power 6500 customers. we spoke to one resident who said the whole thing was so loud it actually woke him up. >> i was in bed, it was like quarter after:00 in the morning and we were awoken by several explosions which was the transformers going out. >> pg&e crews say that they managed to restore power to everyone just before 10:00 this
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morning. crews stayed at the site until later in the afternoon for those repairs. with crabbers on strike and the wharf quiet we'll show you what became of a local crab festival. a motorcyclist is injured in a hit-and-run crash. what witnesses say they saw that could lead to the driver responsible. also the man accused of killing south bay teenager sierra lamar is heading back to court, the separate charges he is now facing. wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse.
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. a motorcyclist was critically injured last night after a hit-and-run crash in oakland. the collision happened around 10:00 p.m. at hyde street and fleming avenue. police say witnesses reported see a possibly gold sedan hit the victim and then take off of the. the name of the motorcyclist has not been raced and anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. family and friends of two teenaged girls shot to death in
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oakland last week gathered today to remember the young victims. 16-year-old bobbie sartain and 15-year-old raquel gerstel were killed last sunday while standing on an east oakland street. a viewing was held for sartain and her funeral is set for tomorrow in pleasanton. police have not made any arrests in the killings. things were cracking today at fisherman's wharf in san francisco to mark the start of crab season. but this celebration comes as crabbers continued to strike over the cost of the crustacean. ktvu's cara liu was at the event, which despite the strike was a sellout. >> reporter: organizers even had to turn people away. this crabfest did go on exactly as planned, even though there was very little going on at the whatever and on all of these crab boats. duane sitter had worried that the fisherman's wharf crabfest might be a bust when he learned that local crabbers were on strike. >> i thought it was kind of ironic, because i only heard about it a couple of days ago.
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they got super chowder over there and have another one that uses cilantro in it. that is just wonderful. >> reporter: organizers say supplies for this event was not an issue. their restaurants were prepared. >> when the crab price goes low, or just at the beginning of season a lot of restaurants will stockpile and buy a lot and freeze it for future use. >> reporter: as alioto chef john caravez served crab and tomato bruschetta, he said the strike was impacting business. >> it's hard for restaurants to work without crab right now, because fisherman's wharf is what you come for. >> reporter: out at the wafer, crab boats were idyll. idle. >> there has to be some type of unity to hang with the people -- you have to stand by your values in anything that
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you do. >> reporter: and the wharf is quiet and nets are empty. the crab boat association president did tell us that the fishermen were meeting at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to decide what to do. live in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. police are hoping two surveillance images will help them catch a pair of credit card thieves. the women were recorded using a stolen credit card on halloween morning and appear to be in a black suv with three sunroofs and the two were spotted using the card at mill valley drugstore. they say the card was stolen in sausalito and anyone with
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information is asked to couple sausalito police. giselle esteban was found guilty of killing michelle le. police say esteban killed le out of jealousy because she thought her ex-boyfriend and familiar of her daughter was having an affair with le. the prime suspect in the sierra lamar disappearance is set to appear in court on unrelated charges. he is being charged with three attempted kidnappings that occurred back in march of 2009. garcia-torres was 17 at the time of those alleged crimes, but the district attorney is charging him as an adult. president of the united states has made very clear that there will be consequences. >> the white house sends a very clear warning to end the civil war in syria, the latest on talks to find a resolution. plus sad news for fans of a popular mexican singer and where authorities say they
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found the wreckage of her plane. in a rush to get your holiday packages out on time is in the u.s. postal service is trying to make did easierment we'll tell you how.
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. egypt remains in turmoil tonight as thousands of protesters marched to the presidential palace. president mohamed morsi scrapped
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a decree giving him wide pours, but he is going ahead with a constitutional referendum this week and a mass demonstration has been planned for tuesday. president obama is praising the rescue of an american doctor who was helping the peple afghanistan. a special ops member was killed during the rescue. he made frequent trips to afghanistan, working for a nonprofit called morningstar. a u.s. general said tonight that the mission shows an unwaivering commitment to defeat the taliban. talks were homeland in geneva to find a diplomatic solution to end civil war in syria, which has now claimed about 40,000 lives. diplomats from the united nations, russia and u.s. released a statement saying, "the situation in syria was bad
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and getting worse. >> reporter: u.s. special forces are working with jordanain force on plans to secure assad chemical weapons. >> the white house has made it very clear there will be consequences, there will be consequences if the azad regime makes a terrible mistake by using chemical weapons on their open people. >> gunbattles between opponents and supporters of the president bashar assad left 40 dead. a plane has been found believed to be carrying mexican- american sing star jenni rivera. rivera was born in long beach and known for her music as well as the tv reality show called "i love jenni." she was among sich people on board the plane flying from monterrey, mexico,
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when traffic controllers lost contact. authorities say there were no survivors in the wreck, but haven't positively id'd those victims. in other news of the world in venezuela, president hugo chavez named a designated successor as he heads back to cuba for more cancer treatment. chavez said his vice president nicolas maduro would assume control if he is forced to resign. the socialist leader has served as venezuela's president for 14 years. in south africa countrymen said prayers for former president nelson mandela. the current south african president visited mandela and told reporters he looked well after a restful night. the 94-year-old was admitted to the hospital yesterday for tests. mand yell is known to be frail and his memory is fading, but the visitors say he is in good spirit. in india, humans had to help out an elephant and her calf after they fell into that open well. the mother was able to get out
5:25 pm
all right, but she couldn't push her calf to safety. a tractor was brought in do help out, which ended up working as the cavwas able to walk away unhurt. there they go out of the hole. india is home to more than 50% of the world's asiatic elephants. new businesses are taking advantage of new legalization of recreational marijuana use state of washington, but they are worried about a federal crackdown. richard thompson reports. while the president juggles this political hot potato in washington, d.c., there are businesses already taking advantage new law. the sign is an inviation to come inside franky's sportsbar and lumberton a joint and in between pool shots that is just what harold caldwell does. >> it's my favorite place to go and it's relaxing. >> reporter: so does owner frank schnarr. >> you think this will be a
5:26 pm
popular spot? >> it was last night he believes it's already set up as a private club for cigarette smokers with a $10 annual fee and he needs all the business he can get. >> the way the economy is right now i could lose this at any moment because i have no customers. and to bring in another type of a person to come in my establishment, is a place for me. >> reporter: he admits the movie to get him on the fed's radar. marijuana is still illegally federally and the president is reportedly meeting with key members of his administration to figure out how to respond to our state's new reatch the options include prosecuting low- level users, something that the feds haven't do, filing suit against the state, or even cut off federal funding to the state. >> i would feel those would be extreme moves, and wore inappropriate. >> reporter: state senator frazier urges the president to respect the voters of washington. >> who knows? maybe we are the first of many
5:27 pm
states that are going to do this and 100 years ago, this is what happened with the women's right to stretch was against the federal level for women to vote and a few states marched ahead. >> reporter: a political science professor said, "my sense is that they will look the other way, but find a couple of high rofile people and bust thempt. but leave everyone else completely alone." if that happens the target could be on frank schnarr, but he thinks he is just first and more private smoking rooms will pop up. >> more power to them. if they can raise revenue for the state, that is what we're in business for frank schnarr says buying or selling marijuana in his club is not aloud. >> more fallout from the prank involving a british nurse and
5:28 pm
the duchess of cambridge and hear what british police are urging australian authorities do. we'll tell you about a private meeting today between the president and a top republican. i think the whole neighborhood appreciates. >> plus the latest move by the u.s. postal service to help customers during the holiday. the new ktvu ipad app is ready to download. watch all of our newscasts live plus get bay area weather and breaking news anytime, anywhere.
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. union workers at the port
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of oakland this weekend voted to ratify a four-year contract, ending a nasty labor dispute. the deal comes after more than 500 workers walked off the job in november. deal includes a 2.5% cost of increase for 20 13-2014 and a l3500 signing bonus for each employee. the union says the next step is to present the tentative agreement to the board of port commissioners for approval. >> a preliminary hear willing continue on monday for a san francisco man accused of being a medical impersonator. 49-year-old carlos guzman-garza faces charges including theft of a physician assistant identity and practicing medicine without a license. prosecutors say nine victims have stepped forward with stories about botched procedures allegedly by guzman- garza at his derma clinic. is he accused of illegal performing facelifts as well as lip and buttock augmentations. british police are pushing australian authorities for an
5:32 pm
investigation into the radio station at heart of that royal prank that apparently led a nurse to committee sued. the death has prompted an angry backlash against the djs who have been taken off the air indefinitely. those djs you may remembered faked a call from the queen of england to get information about the pregnant duchess of cambridge and the nurse put the call through. the body of jmpitha saldanha was found three days after the hoax. this is video of her home and family in india. authorities have not yet confirmed the cause of her death. hospital officials though say she may have been overwhelmed by the stress. in washington state, president obama met privately with house speaker john boehner will the looming fiscal cliff. neither side would offer details, but say that the lines
5:33 pm
of communication remain open. meanwhile the head the mff international monetary fund wants it fixed for the long- term. >> reporter: the crt of the international monetary fund said a more comprehensive solution is need. imf chief christine le guard said it must do more than avoid the fiscal cliff to get america's economy growing again. >> there is still that degree of uncertainty that fuels doubt, that prevents investors and entrepreneurs and households from making investments because they don't know what it will be. >> house speaker john boehner complains there has been no progress in avoiding the most immediate crisis. >> when it comes to the fiscal cliff that is threatening our economy and threatening jobs, the white house has wasted another week. >> reporter: democrats show no signs of backing off from supporting the president' hard line stance on
5:34 pm
raising the income tax rate on the rich. >> we democrats realize there has to be two sides to this bargain, but we're not going to go back to what bewy did in 2011. we put both revenues and cuts on the table. >> reporter: but despite the impasse in washington, the director sees promising signs that the economy may be improving. for the fiscal crisis she recommended a balanced solution, spending cuts combined with an increase in tax revenue. el geth corridan, kutv charles. quarter of an inch assembly leaders say there is no plan to end a controversial practice of changing voteds after a bill passes or fails. half of those sworn into the assembly are new to the job and the associated press reports that during the past session assembly members changed their votes more than 5,000 times. the practice does not affect the outcome of a bill, but
5:35 pm
government watchdog groups say it allows members to hide or distort their records to please lobbyists. the u.s. postal service today began expanding its hours of operations to help customers get those holiday cards and gifts out on time. >> business was brisk at this san francisco post office not so unusual for the holiday season, but what was unusual was the post office was open today, on a sunday. it was just one of a handful of post offices open today and next sunday, december 16th. >> it helps a lot. >> we really appreciate it. i think the whole neighborhood appreciates it. >> we're grateful it's open on sunday. the locations taking part in the sunday service include offices in san francisco on sloat, at the marina green, macy's and the airport. also taking part, the post office at the each ridge mall in san josi. that is where we talked to a couple sending a care package to their daughter. >> we are hoping that we're in time for christmas; if we
5:36 pm
waited too much longer i'm afraid it wouldn't have gotten there by christmas. >> oakland is also adding special collections next sunday. the postal service said monday, december 17m a week from tomorrow will be the busiest mailing day of the year. that is when they expect 655 million cards, letters and packages processed nationwide. best way to avoid the rush is to mail your cards, letters and packages as early as possible. advice not lost on eye san josi women sending gifts to relatives out-of-state. >> that is where she shopped early to get it out first thing. >> each post office taking part in the sunday service will be open in 3:00 p.m. fedex says tomorrow will mark its busiest day in history of the company when it ships an estimated 19 million packages in 24 hours. that is up 10% from last year's busiest day. and it's more than double the
5:37 pm
volume handled on a typical day. fedex says 300,000 employees will be working tomorrow, including 20,000 seasonal workers. >> a bit of relief totek tell you about at the puch. over the past three weeks the price of a gallon of gas has dropped $0.10. the lundberg surveys reports that the new national average is $3.00. here in the bay area, a gallon runs $3.71 in san francisco and $ 3.57 in san jose. analysts predict prices will keep falls due to less driving in winter and refineries that have recovered from problems that previousy cut production. an investigation finds that reckless prescribing is common in california and can be fatal to patients. los angeles times reports that at least 30 patients in southern california died from drug over doses or related charges while their doctors were being vocked for ore precyberring.
5:38 pm
they are asking the legislate to report catholic county coroners to report those deaths. the sonomaiot transportation authority says it only has $10 million in federal funds to spend and that $38 million in requests from various cities and counties have come. a decision on this request is expected tomorrow. people using the pathway around lake elizabeth in freedom may run into problems because the warm springs experience. pedestrians will be able to access the pathway further south on stevenson boulevard and also at the pas eo parkway. also it was a mild day
5:39 pm
around the bay area, but there are changes coming. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is next with a look at your forecast.
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. it was back by popular demand this weekend a christmas photo opportunity for families and their furry friends. jol yes 'ol st. nick stopped for this year's santa paws. te was there all day yesterday and a few hours this afternoon to pose for photos with pets and their owners and for the most part things went pretty smoothly. dogs having going after santa's beard and we're dealing with a little bit of a hair issue, but for the most pat they have been really billion behaved. >> it was a benefit for the
5:42 pm
spca to raise awareness about pets in need and funds for local shelters. the pet patrons were asked for a $10 donation to help. >> a little chilly in the morning hours, but a great day for outdoor activities for dog walking or just taking yourself for a walk. a live shot right now, our camera out towards san francisco bay. just beautiful out there with mostly clear skies. your sunsets about 4:50 earlier today and still lots of clear skies out there. some nice reflections over the bay waters and temperatures warmed up 5-10 degrees over yesterday's highs. on live stormtracker 2 we are in the clear. this is the loop over the past few hours. a check on some of the current numbers they are cooling off as you can see, napa currently 57 degrees. fairfield 56 and san josi 61. here is the wider perspective here.
5:43 pm
you will notice temperatures across part of the state and we're going to focus in on southern california, because they have fire concerns of they have a red-flag warning in place basically until 6:00. could be extended and in fact, there is another one until 4:00 monday morning. so they have picked up barely any rainfall in southern california and as a result, fire concerns still an issue for that part of the state. as far as temperatures for this afternoon, look at all of those readings in the 60s, and even a few spots in the lower 70s out towards santa rosa, napa, and san josi about 67. forecast headlines for tonight, we do have fair skies, a bit chilly as we head into the evening hours. tomorrow more sunshine and it will be mild, but get ready for some changes in the extended forecast. a major dropoff in temperatures and showers will be making a comeback. this area of high pressure sticks around for one more day. so we'll be mild to warm for your monday. here is the change.
5:44 pm
there is a weather system developing to our north and west. this begins to move in on  tuesday and as a result our cooling trend, we might shave off a few degrees tomorrow of. but a bigger change tuesday into wednesday and that is when we bring in the rain clouds. our forecast model showing you, this maybe a patch or two of fog. but still, lots of sunshine. by tuesday we thicken up the clouds in parts of the north bay. cooler air, rain showers and possibly as the cold air moves in we could have snow up above 3,000'. tomorrow, lots of 60s out there santa rosa, 68 degrees. san josi 66. half-moon bay, 63 and just beautiful towards santa cruz. 69 degrees at the boardwalk. here is a look ahead, your five-
5:45 pm
day forecast and tuesday is the transition day, with partly sunny skies and temperatures begin to cool off. we're transition to a cool, wet weather pattern. thursday scattered clouds and friday, is clouds and drizzle and we could be tracking shower chances for day 6 and 7. so always nice to have a little bit of everything in the weather spectrum. >> keeps you on your toes. thank you mark. >> 49er fans were feeling the holiday spirit against the miami dolphins. >> niners! whew! >> organizes are for operation dream held their annual toy drive at candlestick park with help from the 49ers and the san francisco police department. involvements were collecting new, unwrapped toys and cash with a big show of enthusiasm. >> helping all the needy kids
5:46 pm
that need toys for christmas, but can't get toys. we're helping them here today, om today, once a year. let's help get theseid kidds toys this year. >> the toys will be distributed to children in san francisco's public house. >> speak of football, the nfl season now entering the homestretch and we'll have a complete rundown of all the the action. >> and the niners after a loss last week face the dolphins. sportswrap is next. q you won't take my life.
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. good evening everybody and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. there is no margin of error for
5:49 pm
the 49s are and their pursuit of a first-round bye in the playoffs of the they absolutely had this afternoon's game against the miami dolphins. alex smith settling into his role as back-up quarterback. aldon smith with one of his two sacks is now the team's all- time single season leader. miami's marcus thigpen muffs a pun and it's recovered at the san francisco 9. frank gore into the end zone, his 50th career rushing score, tieing him with perry and craig all- time. gore for 19 yards to the 1. anthony dixon punched it in from there. it was 20-6. but the dolphins made it interesting.
5:50 pm
ryan tannehill to anthony fasano in the back of end zone and get his knee down inbounds because the rest of his body slides out. dolphins within a touchdown, but after the 49ers made a top. colin kaepernick keeps it and 49ers maintainedpt no. 2 playoff spot in the nfc and their margin ore the seath seahawks in the division. 27-13 the final. they are 9-3-1 with a big match up next weekend in new england. the niners took some heat for their play-calling last week. not so late in the game today. >> great call by greg and it was a big 3rd down conversion. we have been struggling on 3rd downs and to get that one to pop, and get the touchdown was great, you know? so it was better than having to punt it back to miami at that point. >> two scores will jump out at you in today's other games by
5:51 pm
teams who right now would be in the playoffs. former seattle quarterback jon kitna doing 12th man honors. the arizona cardinal were never in it. this is the third touchdown of the day for marshawn lynch, rushing for 28 are yards as the seahawks ran up the score of 8-0, a franchise-record. the saints take a lead over the giant and david wilson responded with this effort on the ensuing kickoff, a 97-yard return, wilson had a team record 327 all-purpose yards. that is worth jumping for joy. giants 9-5 after piling up 52 point points on the saint. brianuralacher
5:52 pm
brian urlacher possibly out for the season. the vikings on the way to a 21- 14 win. right now the bears are a wild- card team with a razor thing manager. cam newton and the panthers to expose the previously unbeaten falcons. newton on the read option and reads -- i think i will take off with the football. he heads down the sidelines and vaults that the end zone. atlanta is still the no. 1 seed in the nfc, but now 11- 2. another of the league a new generation of the quarterbacks washington's robert griffin iii had to be helped off the field of as we replaced by another rookie, kirk cousins who lobbed the touchdown pass to pierre garcon with 29 seconds left. the redskins sent the game into overtime with the 2-point conversion. in ot, kai forbath was good
5:53 pm
with the field goal and washington with treas fourth in a row, and putting pressure on the giants to top the nfc east. and the cleveland brown have now won three in a row. you are seeing the longest punish return in their history. rookie travis benjamin goes 93 yards in this effort. kansas state scored fierce and then the cleveland trying to crawl into the playoff picture. amounts picked up where they left off last week and pulled off a 4th quarter win over the bills. dallas got a field goal as time ran out and edged the bengals. the chargers have long ago been written off, but pulled it off in pittsburgh. the jets stayed in the playoff bubble with a win over the jaguars and the eagles edged tampa to end a losing streak streak at 8 game. cal bears trying to bounce back with a tough challenge on the basketball court and we'll
5:54 pm
show you how they did against'n landfall and another look at that possibly career-define boxing match in las vegas. we'll be right back.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the cal bears were trying for a bounce back game at home against a good team. they battled las vegas and it all came down to the final secs of they are tied at 70. and then robert thurmond with a tough 2 inside. cal in front by 2 about 1:19 to play. and now it's cal by 1. the rebels have one last possession. anthony marshall gets on the air and unlv hangs on for the 76-75 win and the bears lose two in a row. mike montgomery not happy there. here is what winter look like in naples florida for the find round of golf of the templeton shoot-out. steve stricker and kelly making
5:57 pm
a bid with the eagle putt, but kenny perry and sean o'hair who won it. perry's second shot just about as good as it can be. that set up a birdie and perry and o'hire edge charles howe iii and rorey sabbatini by a stroke. manny pacquiao and marquez meeting in las vegas. themarquez hit pacquiao that knocked him out and pacquiao was taken to the hospital for precautionary brain scan and released. today he actually spoke of a possible fifth bout with marquez. >> i don't think it's the end of manny pacquiao, no. i was just talking to him before he went to the hospital. he is fine and he knows he
5:58 pm
walked into a punch. he made a mistake and he got careless. that happens in boxing. i mean, it's not the first time we have been knocked out and it's not the first time we have come back from a loss. >> that is going to do it for this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. we'll see you again at 10:00 and i guess if you are going to be a boxer, that is how you have to think about it. >> i guess so, but that was some hit. >> the 49ers seemed to have settled the quarterback situation. >> jim harbaugh has made it clear that colin kaepernick is his starter. so yes, that is how things are like now and two big ones on the road coming up for the 49ers at new england and seattle. >> thank you, joe. >> thanks. >> our coverage continues on tonight's 10:00 news, could, coming up later we'll have more on the 43-year-old man killed in front of his house in antioch and how the community
5:59 pm
is reacting to that violent crime. >> thank you for trusting central european media enterprises channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time newsbreak on any camera this studio. [ laughter ] >> we're always here for you on-line at and mobile ktvu. we will see you back here tonight at 10:00 and have the whole camera situation worked out.


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